Welcome Mr. L W Gunawardana And Mr. NGL Anura Premashantha From Sri Lanka Standards Institution

- Jun 01, 2018-

    At the begining of the June, we will welcome officer Mr. L W Gunawardana and Mr. NGL Anura Premashantha from Sri Lanka Standards Institution, to help we Daly Cylinder to get the SLSI Certificate. We Daly Cylinder are in the process of preparing the audit now, let's wish we will get the SLSI certificate soon.

    This will be the gate pass to Sri Lanka market, which may need the 2.3kg, 5kg, 12.5kg, 36kg lpg gas cylinders.

  The 5th Africa LPG Summit 2018, it has a largest potential for growth and investment opportunities in Africa. With the projected increase from current domestic market consumption of 500000 tonnes to 5000000 tonnes by 2026 following the recent passage of the National Gas policy,this will create huge investment and partnership opportunities for foreign investors.

   After about one month's preparation, we Daly eventually got the qualification for the 

Summit.That's an stirring news for us. Good luck to our Daly guys and look forward to hearing good 

news from them soonest during Summit period. Thus, you are warmly wlecomed to us if you gus will be staying in Nigeria Summit.