The Advantages Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas

- Nov 08, 2017-

LPG as a civilian fuel has its significant advantages:

1. Comprehensive utilization of oil resources. Liquefied petroleum gas is a by-product of the oil industry and, if not properly utilized, is a waste of valuable resources.

2. Equipment to save transmission system investment. The bottled liquefied petroleum gas supply or centralized pipe supply in the district has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation and management, quick dispatching, short construction time and saving the investment of the transmission and distribution system.

3. Easy to use, protect the environment. Liquefied petroleum gas contains almost no non-combustible components, basically completely odorless after combustion, non-toxic, does not produce ash, clean and protect the environment.

4 supply flexibility. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation, people usually use the method of pressurization or cooling to make it liquefied, and the volume after liquefaction is reduced to 1/250 ~ 1/300 of the original gas, and is contained in a pressure-receiving container for transportation. The urban and rural Customers can use. Residential areas can be plumbed with gas and LPG can be used in areas where residents are scattered. The supply is very flexible.

5. High calorific value. The heat value of liquefied petroleum gas is equivalent to 3 times of natural gas, which is more than 6 times of that of artificial gas.

6. Easy to transport long distances, without the limitations of gas source plant is its biggest advantage. Because liquefied petroleum gas is the liquid phase transport, water transportation, train tank cars, tank cars and other long-distance transmission and distribution regulation, which is artificial gas supply unmatched.