That Write Situation Will Cause A Cylinder Explosion?

- Mar 06, 2018-

Cylinders Storage High-pressure oxygen, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. Steel bottles, cylinders Safe storage and transportation of gas cylinders usually contain permanent gas, liquefied gas or mixed gas. Here to tell you about the reasons for the explosion cylinder.

1, due to the custody of use, by the sun, open flame, heat radiation, the bottle of gas heating, the pressure increased dramatically until the strength of the cylinder material, leaving the cylinder permanent deformation, or even explosion.

2. The bottleneck or the screw thread on the valve body is damaged due to the bottle cap not being worn during handling, the valve bottle being carried by the hand bottle holder or hit by a hand, etc. The bottle valve may be punched out of the bottleneck by the pressure in the bottle.

3, due to the handling or storage process of crashes or impact of hard objects explosion, but also in an explosive state of explosion.

4, oxygen bottle accessories or bottle valve is dirty grease, oil refers to the rapid oxidation and combustion explosion.

5, the manufacture of cylinder structure, technology and materials do not meet the safety requirements, resulting in insufficient strength of the cylinder exploded.

6, oxygen bottles or flammable, explosive gas bottles, filling is not identified or identified without rigorous cleaning, resulting in a mixture of combustion and explosion lead to explosions.

7, not according to the cycle of technical inspection, due to bottle wall rust thinning, cracks and lead to an explosion.

8, overfilling. In particular, the liquefied gas is not filled as specified, and when the heat or the pressure in the conveyance is suddenly increased, the explosion will explode.

9, filling speed too fast. Airflow friction caused by overheating and combustion explosion.

10, flammable combustion gas cylinder deflation speed too fast, the valve is prone to electrostatic spark, causing the combustion explosion.

11, inflatable gas source pressure exceeds the cylinder maximum allowable pressure, in the absence of decompression device or decompression device fails, the cylinder overpressure explosion.

12, liquid chlorine cylinder, brought into the water or other liquid medium, filled with chlorine, the synthesis of hypochlorous acid or hydrochloric acid, resulting in high temperature caused by the explosion.

The above is the reason why we introduced the explosion of the cylinder, so we must store it well, especially in the process of handling, so we should try our best to avoid this happening.