Test Method For Propane Cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

To ensure that the propane cylinder does not leak, do not pollute the environment, does not affect the health of the operator under the premise of testing the state of propane cylinder, take a closed recovery method only by recycling the bottle residue. Varnish treatment is carried out on the discharged cylinder. Remove the bottle is standing, measured only by the residual gas concentration. Residual concentration should not exceed 0.4% for qualified.

Propane cylinders must be measured only for wall thickness. The thickness of the thickness gauge used should not be greater than ± 0.1mm. Thickness should be in the upper and lower head of the arc transition zone of choice, the cylinder part should choose three points. The 118L cylinder cylinder lower and lower head arc transition zone should be measured two points. Determination of the remaining wall thickness is less than 90% of the design of the cylinder should be scrapped. Using endoscopy or internal lighting device to observe the corrosion of the inner wall of the cylinder, for the larger corrosion area, the more serious parts should be measured wall thickness. The remaining wall thickness is less than the design of the wall thickness of the cylinder should be scrapped.

The appearance and quality of the weld shall also be carried out only on the propane cylinder. Weld surface and heat affected area shall not have cracks, pores, craters, slag, not fused and other defects. The main body weld is not allowed to undercut, and the parts of the bottle welding parts of the weld in the cylinder side is not allowed to undercut, the weld surface shall not have depression or irregular mutation.