Safe Storage Of Propane Cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

Propane cylinders should be stored in a special warehouse, must comply with the national dangerous goods storage regulations, storage of the warehouse should be consistent with the "architectural design fire safety regulations," the relevant provisions must be equipped with professional knowledge of the technical staff, the warehouse and places should be set up management, Equipped with reliable personal safety equipment, and set the "dangerous", "no fireworks" logo.

There should be no ditch in the warehouse, underground passage, no fire and other heat sources. Warehouse should be ventilated, dry, avoid direct sunlight. Storage and storage should be a good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, and is strictly prohibited any pipeline through, should avoid direct sunlight, to avoid radioactive radiation source.

Propane cylinders should be placed neatly, should be placed upright, properly fixed, and should be to prevent dumping measures. Innovative new full plastic cylinder fixed plate and cylinder holder is a perfect solution to the cylinder storage and cylinder fixing problems, improve safety and avoid the chaos of the cylinder placed.

Empty bottles and real bottles should be placed separately, and there are obvious signs, toxic gas cylinders and bottles of gas in contact with each other can cause combustion, explosion, produce toxic gas cylinders, should be divided into room storage. Must be isolated from explosives, spilled items, corrosive items.