Regularly Check The Cause Of Propane Cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

In order to allow the propane cylinder to be used for a long period of time, we must regularly check the propane cylinder. The periodic inspection of propane cylinders is a mandatory requirement, including a comprehensive inspection and a withstand voltage test. Only for its regular inspection, in order to failure of the cylinder in a timely manner, does not affect the efficiency of industrial operations.

A comprehensive inspection work refers to the inspection of propane cylinders at the time of shutdown, and shall be carried out by the inspection and testing organization approved by the national special equipment safety supervision and administration department. Propane cylinders have a full inspection cycle of safety status levels of 1, 2, and generally every six years. Security status level of 3, and generally 3 to 6 years. And the safety status level is 4, the inspection cycle is determined by the inspection agency.

As for the pressure test is a comprehensive test of propane cylinder after passing, the maximum working pressure over the hydraulic test.

Propane cylinders should generally be fully tested for over 3 years. Safety grade 4 grade fixed propane cylinder, generally not continue to use. If the use unit can not be replaced or repaired immediately, it shall apply to the registration authority for temporary monitoring and use of the periodic inspection report, the classification of the security status classification and the use of the registration certificate.