Measures For Safe Use Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

In the home application, the location and placement of the liquefied petroleum gas cylinders have a direct impact on the safety gas. Cylinders should be easy to carry out the switch and check the leak, at the same time to separate the fire source. Cylinders are erected and are not allowed to lie or rewind. Many families in order to fully use, in the use of liquefied gas quickly finished, the cylinder lying or rewind, which is a very dangerous behavior, may cause the residue to liquid through the burning of the mouth with a burning mouth, Where to spray, where to burn.

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders should be away from the stove, in order to avoid the cylinder by the stove with a fire barbecue, the two should be kept between a certain interval, generally 0.5 to 1.0 meters is appropriate. The cylinder should be kept in a dry place to avoid corrosion of the bottle. Manually shorten the service life of the cylinder.

In the case of low room temperature in winter, there will be a lot of residents with roasted or hot water way to help liquefied gas from liquid to gaseous, so as to achieve the purpose of ignition. The temperature of the hot water, much more than the cylinder agreed to use the temperature, liquefied gas heat expansion, and soon covered with liquefied petroleum gas cylinder volume, and then the liquid expansion pressure on the sharp, leading to cylinder blasting. Even if the cylinder does not occur blasting, will be subject to corrosion and damage, local strength will be reduced, as a pressure vessel, under the impact of pressure, the bottle will produce cracks, resulting in fire and explosion.