Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank

- Nov 07, 2017-

Liquefied petroleum gas tank

LPG storage tanks have compressed gas or liquefied gas storage tanks and so on. Whether the liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks vary according to the volume of the containers or not can be divided into two types: fixed-volume storage tanks and movable-capacity storage tanks. Large-scale fixed-volume liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks Made of spherical, small is made of cylindrical. Active volume tank, also known as low-pressure gas tank, commonly known as gas tank, the geometric volume can be changed, tightly closed, not leak, and the balance of air pressure and adjust the amount of gas supply, the pressure is generally not more than 60MPa.

The main body of the spherical LPG storage tank is a spherical shell, which is a component for storing materials and for bearing working pressure and liquid column static pressure. The spherical oil LPG storage tank is assembled and welded by a plurality of ball plates pre-formed into a certain size. Spherical tank bearing is a spherical tank to support the weight of the body and the weight of materials stored components, can be divided into two kinds of column bearings and ball bearings. The most common is the equatorial tangent column bearing. The structure of a spherical tank is not complicated, but the spherical tank is more difficult to manufacture and install than other types of tanks. Moreover, most of the tank is a pressure or cryogenic container, which is mostly contained in the material is flammable, explosive, and large load, in the event of an accident, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, the design and use of the tank must be safe and reliable. The proper design of the tank structure must take into account various factors such as the nature of the loading material, design temperature and pressure, material, manufacturing technology and equipment, installation methods, welding and inspection requirements, ease of operation and reliability, impact of the natural environment, etc. . To meet the requirements of the process, with sufficient strength and stability, and the structure as simple as possible to make it pressing molding, installation group, welding and inspection, operation, monitoring and maintenance easy to measure.

1, the safe operation of liquefied petroleum gas tank mm_ + 0 In order to prevent liquefied gas tank over-temperature, overpressure phenomenon, should control the use of pressure and temperature.

Liquefied gas tank over-temperature due to the over-pressure is the following:

(1) Operational errors In order to prevent the occurrence of operational errors, it should be listed on the key operation device, the marked or marked on the card with the opening and closing direction of the valve, open and closed state, precautions and so on. The company is located in:

(2) Excessive filling of liquefied gas Preventing overfilling measures include: Filling in strict accordance with the specified storage capacity, found that overloading, should immediately find out the amount of overloading; filling all instruments used must be regularly tested, the liquid level The meter should be rinsed regularly. If there is any raffinate in the container, it should be included in its filling volume. The weight can not be neglected. When the ambient temperature rises, spray cooling should be carried out. The company is located in:

2, liquefied gas storage tank maintenance