Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders Can Not Be Torn Down The Reasons

- Sep 21, 2017-

Liquefied gas cylinders lying, easy to roll, bottles and bottles, bottles and other objects vulnerable to impact, the formation of excitation energy, resulting in the occurrence of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders.

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders filled with fillers and solvents (acetone), lying on the use of acetone easily with the liquefied petroleum gas outflow, not only increase the consumption of acetone, but also reduce the combustion temperature and affect the use of the same time will produce tempering gas cylinders Explosion accident. While lying on the acetone leak, causing the liquefied gas pressure rise explosion.

When used, liquefied gas cylinders are equipped with pressure reducer, flame arrester, connected with a hose, because of lying easy to roll, rolling easy to damage the reducer, flame arrester or pull off the hose, causing liquefied gas to vent, resulting in Burning explosion.

The liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are equipped with shock resistant aprons, and their purpose is to prevent them from colliding with each other during handling, transport and use. The apron is an insulating material, lying on the liquefied gas cylinder is placed on the electrical insulator, resulting in the static electricity generated on the cylinder can not spread to the earth, gathered in the bottle, easy to produce static sparks, when there are liquefied gas leak, Easy to cause burning and explosion.