Huge Achievements From KENYA LPG Summit

- Jun 11, 2018-

   After nearly an 8-day trip in KENYA. With huge achievements, our president Mr. Li & General manager Ms. QiQi landed back safe.

   During the summit, they met considerable local and transnational enterprises, which are TOP 10 companies from East Africa. Such as, Kenol Kobil,Libyaoil, Hashi, Lake oil,etc.

   "Fuel demand grew by 5% globally. Growth in demand was also recorded in the EAST AFRICA region with Kenya specifically recording a 3% increase driven mainly by Jet A1 and partly premium gasoline."said by Ms. Wanjiku Manyara.

   That means the demand of LPG(Liquefied petroleum Gas) Cylinders/regulations, propane tanks and any related cylinders is bound to be increased. In the other word, that would be an explosive news for our LPG Cylinders factories. We gotta hold any chances on our hands, vigorously develop manufacturing industry, have our business ability improved and do well our quality control,etc. To embrace the upcoming opportunities and challenges.

  KEBS Standard as an indispensable demand of KENYA market, we've been keeping a upward connection with Mr. Okello Samuel who comes from KENYA Standard Bureau. "For a long-term Strategic plan,we are obliged to approvel KEBS", said Mr. Li. As of now, we Daly Cylinder is on the way to KENYA market, and we do trust that we will be one of the shining stars light up the KENYA market,and the whole AFRICA MARKET, too. 3KG 6KG 13KG LPG CYLINDERS

Please see the as below pictures they shooted on conference.