Highlights Of Domestic Hardware Constantly

- Nov 13, 2017-

In recent years, with the further expansion of market awareness and the continuous improvement of management level, profound changes have taken place in the hardware and operation structure and product structure of the hardware and hardware city.

    Highlights of domestic hardware gage constantly, from visual observation to simple measurement to precision measurement, the progress of measurement technology to a certain extent, guarantee the progress of manufacturing technology. Renowned scientist Qian Xuesen also pointed out: Information technology includes measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation.

    Domestic precision measuring hardware development gradually with the world

    In the National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center of precision instruments debugging, the staff tap the button, fixed on a test platform car gear quickly turn up, next to the computer screen, the number beating fast. Just 10 seconds, the measurement results will be displayed next to the measured values and allowable deviation, people at a glance.

    Precision machining not only requires the accuracy and stability of the machine tool and the accuracy of the tool to ensure that the same need for precision measuring instrument to calibrate and measure. Some are in the process of processing; some after the test. Precision machining not only requires the accuracy and stability of the machine tool and the accuracy of the tool to ensure that the same need for precision measuring instrument to calibrate and measure. Industry experts said the wind power industry, for example, some of the typical key components of power generation equipment such as steam turbine blades, rotor slot and turbine rotor slot embedded wire and other typical parts of the processing and testing, to some extent, represent and reflect A country's advanced cutting technology and CNC tools, digital measurement technology and measurement instruments, the latest achievements and level, which has been the concern of the tool manufacturing industry.

    It is gratifying that the domestic hardware measuring instrument manufacturing enterprises in recent years in digital technology and digital display hardware products to increase the independent development of inputs, has achieved tremendous results. Domestic digital display measuring instruments from a few years ago a simple strip LCD digital display to the more complex dynamic simulation of the liquid crystal display, digital caliper capacitance grille resolution from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm, the measurement accuracy and reliability Have significantly improved. Constantly improve the waterproof and dustproof performance, but also enhance the domestic digital measuring tool market competitiveness. Over the past 10 years continuously strengthen the advantages of the development and manufacture of precision instruments such as gear measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instrument and profile measuring instrument, the successful development of the current domestic largest 2-meter cnc gear measuring instrument, becoming the most competitive precision Measuring instrument manufacturer.

    Dual-frequency laser interferometer is the core self-developed core products, and now only the center of this technology is the only country to produce this device. Its successful development has changed China's long-term dependence on imports in this area. Chao Gang proudly said: The instrument's multiple functions broke the foreign technology blockade, detection resolution of 0.02 microns, the detection length of up to 20 meters. The price is much lower than similar foreign products in the world, this instrument can compete with similar products of Britain and the United States and other countries! Director of the National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center, Chengdu Institute of Tooling said that so far, the center in New tool materials, surface modification of tool materials, gear measuring instrument and other achievements have been in the leading domestic level. Through unremitting efforts, we now have the most advanced production equipment for precision tools in China with independent intellectual property rights. We have established an industrialized base to make the overall development of China's precision tools leapfrog development in terms of R & D, process equipment and industrialization capabilities. Some The results are close to or reach the world advanced level.

    Enhance the overall competitiveness of hardware companies, in addition to the above points, there are many things to do. Long way to go, I hope companies in the pursuit of profit at the same time, do not forget the social responsibility should be undertaken. Only in this way, companies can get down, lasting development.

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