Hardware Mechanical And Electrical Industry Status Quo And Prospects For Development

- Nov 11, 2017-

Hardware mechanical and electrical industry status quo and prospects for development

Hardware mechanical and electrical industry development status quo

Hardware and electromechanical industry products as industrial products and national industrial and economic conditions are closely related to China's rapid development in recent decades led to the continuous expansion of the domestic manufacturing industry, hardware and electrical industry also will be fiery up, small wrenches, screwdrivers, ranging from large Construction machinery have made great development and are widely used. However, with the appearance of the world financial crisis, the domestic economic growth has started to slow down since 2008, especially since the days of hardware and electromechanical industry since 2012 have lagged behind. And many high-end high-tech industry products do not grasp the core technology, but also need to rely on imports to solve.

Hardware mechanical and electrical industry prospects

Hardware and electromechanical products need to constantly comply with market changes in the law of development, many of the current products are highly competitive, to die, for example, low-end mold domestic market share of more than 99%, however, serious market price competition, low margins were extremely poor, high-end mold High profits but 80% rely on imports. However, many companies have realized that this point began to carry out continuous technological innovation and product innovation research and development, the future hardware and electrical machinery industry will gradually move toward technology rather than price competition.

The current hardware and electrical industry trade and more concentrated in the metropolitan wholesale market in Chengdu, for example, Jinfu Road area includes million, Jinfu, Western, Steel City, a few large and small, such as a number of mechanical and electrical market, Billion shopping district. However, this physical market wholesale more and more infiltration of the Internet, many large sites are now beginning to do hardware and electrical industry online market. Although the physical market is still the mainstream of the wholesale market, but the hardware and electronic products wholesale business or the market are in line with the Internet, the future development of online and offline interaction will form a half-sky situation. The offline market has shifted to small and medium-sized cities.