Use liquefied petroleum gas safety use common sense

- Nov 02, 2017-

A safe use common sense, liquefied petroleum gas

1, in use process, must pay attention to the liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and examine whether the Angle valve leakage. First open the cylinder valve when using, open kitchen is provided when the ignition switch. After use, first close cylinder valves, kitchen switch again, it is forbidden to stop using the cylinder valve is normally open state, after only cookers switch control illegal phenomenon.

2, when the ignition to do "three three" after first, when using bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) should be used after inspection, first: KaiQi after ignition, first; After first close valve, remove from heat. Before ignition, must do a good job in preparation, check and correct; Ignited, insist on ignition source such as the method of gas; After lighting, according to the need to adjust the cookers switch and damper, control the size of the flame. If the yellow flame and smoke, should check the damper, with damper adjustment, appropriate increase the throttle. When you stop using GuanJiao valve first, and then cookers switch operation order, and pay attention to shut in place, but don't too hard, in case the valve core is damaged.

3, pay attention to the ventilation, in the process of using liquefied petroleum gas for liquefied petroleum gas reburning consumes a large amount of oxygen, produce a certain amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Use time long, indoor air oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide gas quantity increases, staff causes dizziness, nausea and discomfort. Especially winter, relatively heavily doors and Windows closed, easy to cause oxygen toxicity. To prevent poisoning accident, should be timely to exclude harmful gas outdoors, it must pay attention to strengthen the ventilation, potential must not paralysis.

4, has ooze, leakage phenomenon, first stop the flame, the application of soap water to a flat place daub, try to leak, it is strictly prohibited to open flame leak test. Bottle of seepage, leakage, valves, to immediately take containment measures to stop using, transferred to safer places, the repair processing.

Second, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder use common sense

1 the outside piece, liquefied gas, gas cylinders and stoves distance not less than 1 m.

2, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders should be put in special kitchen and well ventilated place, it is strictly prohibited to put the cylinder in the bedroom or near the heat source.

3, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders must be vertically, must not lie down, or inverted. It is forbidden to use fire, steam heating, hot water cylinders, accelerate gasification, lest cause the cylinder pressure surges corrosion or the bottle, an explosion.

4, pressure reducing valve and Angle valve after fastening, the leakage test, confirm no leakage, just can use.

5, pressure reducing valve connected to the kitchen to provide hose, starting from the date of 18 months for effective age. Found in use hose hardening, cracking and inelastic, can judge the hose failure, should be replaced immediately.

6 the residual liquid, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, professional processing by gas supply unit, ban users to deal with. Dump the residual liquid and easy to fire.

7, liquefied petroleum gas leak found, need to prohibit open flame, also not allowed to switch the lamp or open the other electrical equipment, in order to avoid because of open flame, edm cause fire or explosion.

8, the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, kitchen is provided, often check, it is forbidden to play with children, using people should not be left, in a day or before you go to sleep, before going out to liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and check valve on the kitchen, whether to close.

Three, leak after treatment measures

When the gas leak is suspected, the leak can use the following two methods:

1 and one optional soap, washing powder, detergent, and water in liquid, daub on the burner, rubber hose and plug valves, gas meter, ball valves, especially the interface, there are air bubbles take part is funnelled.

2, see, ears hear, touch, nose to smell with leak (note: never use flame leak).

Gas leakage is found, should remain calm, and in a timely manner to take the following measures:

1, immediately shut off the burner switch and the switch on the burner pipe;

The production of 2, prevent fire, it is strictly prohibited in indoor open all kinds of electrical equipment, such as lights, make a phone call, etc.;

3, ventilated take a breath, should be timely open the doors and Windows, open the exhaust fan of avoid by all means, in order to avoid ignition indoor gas mixture, explode;

4, take off the chemical fiber clothing, not too fast, so as to avoid explosion caused by static electricity produced sparks;

5, outside the local gas emergency alarm calls or call 119.