Family Use Gas Canisters

- Oct 31, 2017-

A, using the gas should be pay attention to?

Use must pay attention to whether there is bad smell gas, confirm again when no leakage fire use, and pay attention to the ventilation is good.

Second, the use of gas cylinders should be pay attention to?

1, pay attention to the inspection period, cylinder, and fu have inspection standard

2, the cylinder to stand upright, and avoid violent vibration.

3, placed in ventilated and avoid sun exposure.

4, do not put down the cylinder.

5, the cylinder is placed on the items, like free ignition.

Three, the gas pipeline leakage how to know doubt when gas pipe leakage in the home, do not use matches or lighters ignition test, should be checked with soap bubbles leaks.

Four, gas water heater should be installed where the safest?

Should be installed in outdoor ventilated place, avoid to produce carbon monoxide poisoning accident.

Five, gas fireworks show red flame phenomenon? What is the risk? How should handle?

Normal pale blue gas flame, such as found red, it indicates that the incomplete combustion phenomenon. Will produce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, should immediately please professional maintenance, gas stoves adjustment.

Six, how to identify gas leak?

1, the sense of smell - household gas mixed with deodorant, leak will have a bad smell.

2, visual - gas leaks, can cause to form fog white smoke in the air.

3, hearing the voice of the moment there are "hiss".

4, touch - hand close to the leak holes, there will be a cool feeling.

Seven, when a gas leak, should how to deal with?

1, immediately shut off the gas switch.

2, do not open or close any electrical switch.

3, gently open all doors and Windows and quickly escape outdoors.

4, alarm processing.