Branding: Hardware JiDianYe Need Crisis Public Relations

- Nov 03, 2017-

In recent years, the hardware companies but also pay attention to the brand culture, let the cold products into people rich and colorful mental faculties. Hardware industry consumers more hasten is the fashion concept, in the selection of a particular brand, no longer limited to meet the needs of product substance use, more hope through which reflect their own values, identity, taste, sentiment and so on. Therefore, many enterprises is more serious in the product design and image stores, on the question of how to keep the brand enduring, play each other between peers, tended to learn.

In the era of brand, at present the main is to improve its product strength and brand marketing ability, such as Zhang Xiaoquan, JieJie tools, Stanley, such as the Great Wall seiko, hangzhou star enterprise, competition at the same time, focus more focused on their own strength enhancement, such as product competition, Zhang Xiaoquan this year introduced a "new" good steel series, Stanley produced AvantiCollection extremely rich contemporary spirit of new products, all with high quality, beautiful appearance and profound cultural background and win the love, how strong formed the pattern of wrestling.

Crisis management refers to the specific enterprise to avoid or reduce the crisis brings the serious damage and threats, and organized, systematic study, develop and implement a series of management measures and strategies. Often focus on 360 movements with QQ users, it is estimated that a glance to know crisis public relations of the two Internet bosses thrown "sympathy" brand. Starting on November 3rd, tencent and 360 have been issued a letter to the masses of QQ users, tencent coerce user uninstall 360360 will ensure and QQ at the same time, normal use ", tencent apologised to the user, said struggle is not compatible with 360 is the lowest; Insist the innocent of 360, both with the victim mentality to win consumer's sympathy. Whatever things behind the who to who wrong, single from the point of declaration, not touched everyone's heart "bodhisattva". Internet users are concerned about their own interests, before the truth of the matter is not to light, netizens are also keep the attitude of the onlookers, just hope don't spread yourself to the normal use of the two instruments. If the crisis really coming? Hardware companies must not learn tencent and qihoo crisis public relations, namely, calculate a credibility crisis, unfair competition, etc., also want to prime minister belly punting, corporate interests aside, first pay attention to the rights and interests of consumers. Because the consumer is the god, is the enterprise of food and clothing parents.

When appropriate, can draw lessons from the beautiful of handling "suicide" part of the way. Remember at the beginning of this year in May the beautiful encountered cooker "quality gate", the first time after the event, the beautiful acknowledged "natural purple sand tank" is a false propaganda, and revocation of electric stew pot branch general manager, involving improper propaganda products, immediately stop the production and sales, immediately recover and correct all improper propaganda materials, set up customer hotline, set up a return point, accept the return of consumers. Select the correct crisis public relations can save the reputation of the enterprise. Hardware industry is common quality crisis, processing can be affected by any carelessness affect metal enterprises survive or not. In time as the problem once occurred, the responsibility of consumers' rights and interests, can also enterprise a "sunny days".