All Defended The Tank Bottom Seam Qualified Device

- Nov 01, 2017-

Tank bottom (cryogenic tanks) All joints should be defended by a vacuum tank tightness test method, test negative value of not less than 53KPa, no leakage is qualified.

Interpretation: This section was written in accordance with GB 50128-2005 Section 6.2.3.

If leakage geese end, will lead the development of foundation settlement or fire, affecting the safe use of the tank, so its weld quality should adopt strict Tightness test. "

Measures: construction unit according to the standard specified in the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the tank aftercompletion of all welding weld path closely parts using vacuum box Trials.

Check: the quality of the construction unit checks the quality of human beta test for tightness check. Supervision on thetightness test activities

Supervision, strict test pieces be checked to confirm newspaper strike.

Judgment: Test methods, test negative children the value of compliance, weld without leakage.