Empty Household Home Cooking LPG Cylinder 6kg from Daly

Empty Household Home Cooking LPG Cylinder 6kg from Daly

Big Capacity, Low Pressure Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder needed to be filled

Product Details

Item Details:

Filling Medium:               Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Steel Material:                 HP295+Q235

Nominal Wall Thickness: 2.3mm

Outside Diameter:           300mm

Body Height:                   260cm

Total Height:                    312mm

Water Capacity:               14.4L

Working Pressure:           2.1Mpa

Hydraulic Test Pressure: 3.2Mpa

Color:                      Gray/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow as request

About Us

       Hubei Daly LPG Cylinder Manufacturer Co.,Ltd

  • Founded in 1981,over 30 years experience in LPG Cylinder

  • One of Top 5 suppliers in China in LPG Cylinders industy

  • Manufacturing License of Special Equipment Issued by Chinese National Association

  • Member of the Chinese Gas Association-Professional Committee of Chinese LPG Cylinders.  Formulate and modify Chinese National Standard(GB5842)

  • Subsidiary workshop:Hubei Daly,Lanzhou Star, and Guizhou Daly

   Production-5million cylinders annually/ 40,000 cylinders per month

   Workshop area: 20000min total

   Employee:over 500 staff

  • In accordance with ISO4706,EN1442,DOT 4BA/48W and other local standards     

  • Production range from 3kg,5kg,6kg,9kg10kg,11kg,12.5kg,15kg,19kg,20kg,25kg,35kg,45kg,48kg,to50kg.

  • Cylinder Accessories: Gas Burner, Low Pressure Hose are available

  • Main Market: Asian, Africa, South Africa,America, Latin America,Europe

  • Valves: Grass Valve, SGS Valve,Handweel Brass Valve,