7.2 Liters Ukraine Portable Cooking Use Steel Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder

7.2 Liters Ukraine Portable Cooking Use Steel Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder

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Product Details

7.2 Liters Ukraine Portable Cooking Use Steel Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder

Basic Information:

3kg cylinder picture.jpgName
7.2 Liters 3kg Ukraine Gas Cylinder
Water Capacity7.2 Liters
Work Pressure
Test Pressure3.2MPa
Wall Thickness
Outside Diameter
Body Height229mm
Total Height345mm

Cylinder color can be changed as customer's request.

Gas valve can be changed other styles to suit for different area.

The cylinder can fix burner directly for household or camping cooking.


About us:

Hubei Daly LPG Cylinder Manufacturer Co., Ltd

  • Founded in 1981 in Central China (Xiantao City, Hubei Province);

  • Over 30 years experience in LPG Cylinders;

  • One of TOP 5 suppliers in China in LPG Cylinders industy;

  • Manufacturing license of Special Equipment Issued by Chinese National Association;

  • Member of the Chinese Gas Association- Professioanl Committee of Chinese LPG Cylinders;

  • Formulate and modify Chinese National Standards(GB5842);

  • Subsidiary workshop: Hubei Daly, Lanzhou Star, and Guizhou Daly;

  • Production- 5 million cylinders annually/ 400,000 cylinders per month/ 13, 800pcs per day;

  • Workshop area: 200,000 square meters in total;

  • Employee: over 500 staff;

  • In accordance with ISO4706, EN1442, DOT 4BA/4BW and other local standards.


Awarded Product Standards:

ISO4706; ISO1442


European Union- EN1442, EN13322, 84/527/EEC

Austrialia- AS2469, AS2470, AS/NZA 3509

United Kingdom- BS 5045-1989

Canada- TC-4BAM, TC-4BWM

Kenya- KEBS(KES), ISO4706

Cameroon- NC02

South Africa- SABS, ISO4706

Singapore- SS 09

Sri Lanka- SLS 1178

Nigeria- NIS 69

Philippines- PNS 03-1

Indonesia- SNI 1452

Korea- KGS


Inspection Process& Equipments: 

1. Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic Test are conducted by applying water pressure 34Bar into the cylinder to reach designated pressure levels for a period of at least 30 seconds to detect for any possible leakage, bulging or istortion.

2.Tightness Test

By applying at least 18Bar, compressed air pressure into cylinder prior to immersing the cylinder completely in water to check for any possible leakage.

3. Radiographic Test (RT)

Radiographic Test(RT) is a test criteria for the Quality Assurance feam by using x-ray coating gauge to esamine for any defedts for spud/bung weld, circumferemtial weld, an longitudinal weld of cylinder.

4. Mechanical Test (Bending Test & Tensile Test)

Bending Test is a test for cracks and any other non-confirmance on welding surface. Tensile, circumferential weld, and longitudinal weld of heat-treated cylinder to determine the tensile strength, yield strength and parentage of elongation.

5. Bursting Test

Records the volume of the test fluid used;

Records the pressure at which the cylinder bursts;

The volume of the test fluid used between the time when the pressure starts to rise and at the time fo bursting, or the difference between the volume of the cylinder at the begining and the end of the test.


Production Process:

Material Inspection - Deep Drawing - Trimming- Welding Valves Seat - Welding Valve Guard and Foot Ring - Circumferential Welding- Heat Treatment - Hydrostatic - Shot Blasting- Powder Spray - Valve Fix - Leakage Test