Use gas tank operating requirements and precautions

- Nov 02, 2017-

1, check the validity of the cylinder.

2, the cylinder must be placed upright, not allowed to lie or upside down.

3, use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders must be far away from heat source, put in the easy to move around, no flammable, ventilated place, stove, bottle distance above 80 cm, in any form of the cylinder heating.

4, use liquid gas can't writes, especially to boil water and make porridge cannot unattended more, in order to avoid rice soup or overflow to extinguish the flame, and come up to liquefied petroleum gas stoves to continue, wasteful, smoked or fire.

5, ignition method. Right ignition method is "gas" such as fire, namely first turned on the switch on the Angle valve and relief valve, and then open the ignition switch on the stove.

6, pressure reducing valve to check the sealing rubber ring before, do not distort, defect, pressure reducing valve handwheel to valve mouth, tightening up to counterclockwise.

7, rubber tube, cookers switch, pressure reducing valve and the handwheel is more easily to the cylinder valve connection leak site, leak check coating inspection area with soap and water, please do not leak with fire.

8, shall not disassemble without permission, modified liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) special equipment, there is a problem please supply unit processing.

9, happen to timely matter of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder valves, open the Windows and doors, ventilation and evacuation. In the leakage place, to prohibit all kinds of fire (including cigarette) prohibits any switch, all kinds of electrical equipment.

10, a fire as soon as possible to cut off the gas source (closed cylinder valves), avoid by all means is put down the bottle, and promptly report to leadership.

11, regular check, observation and found that the problem timely processing. To secure them please leave close the cylinder valve Angle.

12, it is strictly prohibited to discharge the residual liquid (gas) cylinders.

Above points, the operating personnel should strictly implement abide by, don't violate compasses operation, eliminate hidden dangers, to avoid accidents, ensure the personal safety.