The proper use of propane cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

Propane cylinders must be checked and prepared before they are used. In accordance with the nature of the gas, to develop the appropriate management system and safe operating procedures, and the use of personnel for specialized safety and technical training, the operator after passing the examination before passing the job.

Propane cylinders in use should be protected against heat and temperature. Do not put the cylinder in the hot sun exposure, do not put the cylinder near the stove or other high temperature heat source. Oxygen cylinders, combustible cylinders, and open flame distance should not be less than 10m, can not be achieved, there should be a reliable thermal protection measures, and not less than 5m.

High pressure cylinder pressure reducer to be dedicated. Oxygen and combustible pressure reducers can not be interoperable, bottle valve or pressure relief valve leakage shall not continue to use. Install the screw to tighten (should be screwed into the 7-thread) shall not leak. When opening the high pressure cylinder, the operator should stand on the side of the cylinder outlet, the action should be slow to reduce airflow friction, to prevent static electricity. Oxygen cylinders and other accessories are prohibited from contaminated oil. Do not operate oxygen cylinders on gloves or gloves and tools that are contaminated with grease.