The necessity of using a shield for propane cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

① to be used in a separate brick structure kitchen, the right to install liquefied petroleum gas equipment.

② cylinder must be placed upright, do not allow lying or reloading. Must be checked, fine observation, found that the problem in a timely manner. For safety, please press the cylinder angle valve when you go out before going to bed.

③ cylinder must be away from heat, placed in easy to move, no flammable around, more ventilated place, stove, bottle distance of 80 cm or more, not in any form of heating the cylinder.

④ installed before the pressure relief valve to check the seal rubber band, so no variant, defect, loaded pressure valve hand wheel to align the valve port, to counterclockwise rotation tight.

⑤ rubber tube, cooker switch, pressure reducing valve and hand wheel to the valve valve connection parts are easier to leak parts, check the leak, please brush with soap and water to check the site, do not use fire leak. In the event of a fire to cut off the gas source as soon as possible (should not put the bottle, and timely warning of the fire.

⑥ not allowed to unauthorized demolition, conversion of liquefied petroleum gas special equipment, please contact the supply unit to deal with. The occurrence of liquefied petroleum gas leaks in time to close the bottle valve, open the doors and windows, ventilation evacuation. In the leak site, to prohibit all kinds of open fire (including cigarette butts) is strictly prohibited open, off all kinds of electrical equipment.