Spherical tank tightness test how the experiment

- Oct 31, 2017-

Design requirements for air tightness test pattern spherical tanks (cryogenic tanks), passing the test should be conductedafter the hydraulic tightness test.

Interpretation: This section Rhizoglyphus reported G950094-19984 spherical tank construction and acceptance, "written inArticle 8.2.

In order to ensure spherical tank of gas leaks and running security does not occur during use, "the requirements of the design drawings confidential testing spherical tank of gas, liquid music should, after passing the test air tightness test" should bestrictly enforced.

Action: If the pattern provides for air tightness test should be carried out after passing the test gas hydraulic blind trials. GB 500% a 1998 "spherical tank construction and acceptance" Section 8.2.7 provides that "the provisions of the design drawingstank pressure test, leak test can be carried out simultaneously with the pressure test."

Check: In addition to the gas processing unit to deal with a blind test on-site supervision and inspection.

NDT personnel honey grid should meet the provisions of 5.11 units. NDT methods, explore and expand the proportion ofnon-destructive testing, qualified judgment day loss test results should be consistent with the provisions of the pattern or 4GB 5 coffee.

Interpretation: This section is based on GB 50094-1998 (spherical tank construction and acceptance> Section 5.2, Section5.3 and 5.4 written.

Non-destructive testing of the day is to check the spherical tank shell plate welds and whether there is overstaffed defects, isan important means to control and guarantee the quality of the spherical tank. In order to ensure the quality of non-destructive testing, NDT qualified personnel, non-destructive testing methods, explore and expand the proportion of non-destructive testing, non-destructive test results shall meet the requirements for qualification of the standard, pattern, or GB 5M94's.

 (1) the construction unit should be non-destructive testing technology measures *
  (2) construction units should meet the eligibility requirements of the text row NDT personnel. NDT qualified personnelshall comply with section 5.11 of the standard provisions.
  (3) non-destructive testing methods should be consistent with the standards of Section, drawings and GB 5deleted provisions. A large proportion of loss detection and inspection shall comply with the expansion of GB 50094.
  (4) construction unit should be the responsibility NDT personnel in the field testing process and test results for effective control.

Check: construction units should be required to carry out the required non-destructive testing and inspection records and fill in the test report. Supervision
Unit NDT personnel should be fully checked by inspection or certificate and check inspection records, inspection reports fortesting the quality of the construction unit, check the test results, the same can also be used for non-destructive testingmethods to detect when an object needs to carry out spot checks.
  (1) dead loss testing personnel shall comply with section 5.11 of the standard requirement that projects into the damagedtank engaged in testing personnel should hold political melon Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision of Special Equipment issued by the agency NDT personnel qualification certificates. 1 yuan loss detection officer at H level and panguidance officers plants, the corresponding non-destructive testing operations, recorded test data, organize inspection data.H-and dish officers before assessment test results and issuing reports.
  (2) GB 50094-1998 for non-destructive testing methods allow the detection rate of loss of the anti-expansion Exploration,a qualified non-destructive determination of test results