Safe use of propane cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

① dissolved cylinder must be produced by the national fixed-point manufacturers, the new bottle of the certificate should be complete, and consistent with the steel plate shoulder. The cylinders used in the process must be subjected to periodic technical inspections in accordance with the requirements of the national dissolved cylinder safety supervision regulations.

② before the use of the cylinder should be a little open bottle valve to remove the mouth of the dirt, the installation of a dedicated acetylene reducer, so that the valve is located in the highest part of the bottle. And check whether there is leakage at the joint, after confirmation to adjust to the required pressure and then use.

③ cylinders should generally be used below 40 ℃, when the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, should take effective cooling measures. At the same time the color of the surface of the bottle is white, paint color should be well protected, not free to change.

④ prohibit percussion, collision acetylene cylinders, river bottle valve freezing, can be 40 ℃ hot water thawing, is strictly prohibited roast. Cylinders should be used when handling special vehicles, is strictly prohibited with electromagnetic cranes, cable lifting handling; workplace is not fixed and moving more frequently, should be installed in a dedicated rubber tire car.

In addition, should choose a safe place to set the propane cylinder, not close to heat and electrical equipment. At the same time the cylinder should be placed vertically to prevent the outflow of acetone caused by combustion explosion; once you have to use the acetylene cylinder has been lying, you must first stand still 20 minutes before use.