Safe shipping principle of cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

1. The transport must be safe and reliable. All plastic carts and common metal trolley, compared to the transport process does not produce friction sparks, will not corrode, no noise, no maintenance. In addition, the whole plastic cart more powerful than the metal push, better balance, better operation. Light, effortless and durable. Can be suitable for any road, handling the diameter of the cylinder can be as high as 31 cm.

2. Must wear a bottle cap (except the protective cover of the cylinder), shock ring (except for container cylinders), light loading and unloading, forbidden to throw, slide, roll, touch

3. When lifting the cylinder, it is strictly forbidden to use electromagnetic cranes and metal chains.

4. Flammable, flammable, corrosive articles or chemicals that react chemically with the gas inside the bottle shall not be in contact with the cylinder. transport.

It is worth noting that, if the use of vehicle transport, the cylinder should be properly fixed. Standing up, the height of the car should be more than 2/3 of the bottle height, lying on the side of the bottle should be toward the side, stacking height of not more than five, and shall not exceed the height of the car.