Propane cylinders are placed incorrectly

- Sep 21, 2017-

① distance stove too close: liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and the distance between the stove at least to maintain the distance of 50 cm or more, according to the actual situation, more than 1 meter will lead to hose length of more than two meters, and two meters above the distance needs The use of steel pipe, so the combination of the hose with the user's space and other actual situation, the edge of the stove and the outer edge of the cylinder in the distance of 0.5 meters to 1 meter is more suitable.

② aisle and other places easily encountered: liquefied petroleum gas on this place is often prone to a huge disaster. If in the course of the use of liquefied gas by the staff accidentally encountered, the liquid inside the cylinder will be because of the huge pressure splash out. Liquid to the air, instant gasification, explosion, the fire will be followed, want to control can not have any way, can only watch the fire swallowed liquefied gas tank, the last tank explosion.

③ there are open flames or flammable and explosive products in the use of liquefied petroleum gas in the kitchen, is strictly prohibited at the same time the use of other open flames, such as briquettes furnace, electric stove and so on. First, liquefied petroleum gas than the air than the large, easy to deposit on the ground, case of fire that will occur deflagration; Second, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are also likely to lead to fire and fire accidents. At the same time the kitchen do not put waste paper, firewood, explosives and other flammable and explosive items, in the event of an accident, will cause a chain reaction, into a geometric multiple magnification damage power.