Petroleum cylinders - cylinder instructions

- Dec 25, 2017-

Petroleum cylinders - cylinder instructions

1, cylinder filling, storage and transportation, use and inspection should be strictly abide by the "cylinder safety supervision regulations

Cheng "provisions.

2, the cylinder must be kept upright.

3, Place the cylinder near the heat source and open flame, and keep the cooker more than 1 meter


4, bottle outlet thread is left-handed. When installing the regulator, check the seal on the regulator

Ring is intact, tighten the regulator, use soapy water to check the regulator and bottle valve connection

Department, shall not leak.

5, found liquefied petroleum gas leaks, should immediately open the doors and windows ventilation, do not

Ignition, switch electrical equipment or use the phone, to prevent an explosion caused by fire accidents.

6, in the event of a fire accident, the bottle valve should be closed immediately, and the cylinder transferred to the outdoor open

Department, to prevent the explosion.

7, prohibited any heat source on the cylinder heating.

8, It is forbidden to change the stamp or color of steel cylinder without permission.

9, excessive filling of cylinders is strictly prohibited.

10, It is forbidden to flip the cylinder gas to other cylinders.

11, It is strictly forbidden for users to handle the residual liquid in the bottle by themselves.

12, cylinder design life of 8 years.