Liquefied gas tank use, storage methods

- Dec 01, 2017-

Liquefied gas tank use, storage methods

1, liquefied gas cylinders may not be stored in people's rooms and public places to prevent exposure to heat and scorching sun, the environment should not exceed 35 ℃;

2, before changing the gas, carefully check the front end of the pressure reducing valve seal is intact, such as loss, rupture or skew, with a good seal reuse, between the gas tank and stove to leave a distance of 1-1.5 meters Hose can not pass through floor or wall;

3, the use of liquefied gas cylinders where the air circulation, non-liquefied gas cylinders and electric furnaces, briquettes co-mixed use;

4, to always check the regulator gas cylinder liquefied gas, to prevent leakage, prohibited near heat sources;

5, Prohibition in the indoor self-guide bottles, lead bottles prone to static electricity, spill gas after the fire to produce a combustion explosion, the prohibition of liquefied petroleum gas residue into the ditches and toilets;

6, in the transport process to prevent the impact so as not to cause an explosion, liquefied gas cylinders to use for a period of time after the pressure test;

7, the soap water brush valve interface in the tank, hose and cooker switch, such as the bubble on the leak here, if found to leak, shall not be open flame test;

8, the elderly disabled and mentally ill best not to use liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied gas cylinders to follow the principle of ignition after the first gas;

9, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders after burning explosion, the gas should be off after the fire, otherwise it will cause tempering tank or pipe explosion, but also with wet sacks and quilts covered fire, or the use of fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.