Liquefied gas tank common sense

- Dec 21, 2017-

Liquefied gas tank common sense

At present, liquefied gas tanks commonly used throughout the country have three specifications of 5 kg, 15 kg and 50 kg, and families commonly use this type of 15 kg. State regulations liquefied gas tank four years after the factory should be hydrostatic test, after passing the use of four years, but also the hydraulic test, after passing four years, the third test pass can also be used for three years. Therefore, the maximum useful life of a tank is 15 years. However, many liquefied gas tanks currently in use have already exceeded their useful life. Some liquefied gas tanks produced in the early 1980s are still in circulation. This is a very serious social fire hazard and should arouse the public's attention. Check whether the liquefied petroleum gas tank for own use is overdue for service. If it expires, it should be eliminated without hesitation and rectification should be taken to rectify this dangerous home fire hazard. The company is located in:

Gas-filled liquefied gas tank can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, especially in the summer. Neither can it be placed near heat sources (eg, heating, stoves, fire walls, etc.). Otherwise there will be a danger of explosion. Winter due to low temperature, gas liquefied gas is not good Do not love the fire, you can not use hot water, but can not use electric bed heating. The company is located in:

Liquefied gas tank residual liquid to be handled by the liquefied gas filling station, they should not be everywhere disorderly, residual liquid in the sewers, toilets, low-lying place is not scattered, so the fire accidents, explosions too numerous to mention. The company is located in:

We must remember not to buy a "refurbished canister" on a cheap basis. Some unscrupulous elements have smuggled their interests and collect waste petroleum liquefied petroleum gas tanks in the society. Then, they go to rust-polish processing and re-install liquefied petroleum gas to pretend to be good cans for sale. The weight of these refurbished cans is 2 to 3 kg below the standard (16.5 kg for a standard tank and 10 MPa for a pressure tank), all of which are removed during descaling and have significantly lower pressure capacity than standard tanks. So dangerous, do not be cheap to buy a hidden danger to take home. The company is located in:

Expired, unchecked, deformed, refurbished liquefied gas tanks must never be used. The company is located in:

Liquefied gas tank filling, gas space must be left as required (filling the standard weight, the liquid volume accounted for 85%), if the illegal filling, the temperature rises, the container pressure rose sharply, prone to explosion . Do not overfill, pay attention.