How to use liquefied gas tank correctly

- Nov 07, 2017-

How to use liquefied gas tank correctly

Users are using liquefied gas tank, each change cans, pay attention to check the liquefied gas tank rubber seal to prevent leakage of aging.

    The connection between the stove and liquefied gas tank rubber hose joints should always use thick soapy water smear, check for signs of leakage, such as the emergence of soap bubbles, indicating a leak, gas station should be promptly overhaul.

    In particular, to remind users to keep the cooker hose away from the cooking surface 10 cm or more, to avoid fire caused by scorching. Do not use a long time away from the kitchen, so as not to overflow boiling soup or the stove after the fire extinguished gas leak dangerous.

    After each ventilation to install the valve must be tightened to avoid leakage of liquefied gas. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in use do not shake and dump, drop hit. Some families will liquefied gas tank will be upside down or lying flat, in order to fully burn the gas, fire experts say this method must not. This behavior violates the relevant provisions of the national security of the use of liquefied petroleum gas, the user must not be liquefied gas tank upside down, roasted with heat, heating and other methods, so liquefied gas liquid will enter the regulator, prone to accidents.

    Emergency treatment methods:

    1. Switch leaks. If the hose and gas stove at the air inlet leaks may be rubber tube inserted too shallow, or rubber tube aging, available a thin iron wire hoop tight, or replace the new rubber tube. If the switch on the cooker is not tight and leaks, the loose nut on the switch handle may be loosened or the nut may break due to the rupture of a small spring. The pliers may be used to tighten the nut or replace the new compressed spring.

    2. The switch is blocked. Turn off the angle valve switch, the burner removed, the cooker switch to the ventilation position, with a fine wire back and forth to clear the nozzle can be. If you take this method of treatment, the phenomenon of plugging a small fire still not resolved, the regulator may be blocked, you should unscrew the regulator to get the gas station to repair.

    3. Liquefied gas cylinder on fire. Wrap the hand with a wet towel, clockwise turn the cylinder angle valve closed, cut off the gas source, the fire will extinguish itself, this time do not spill water or covered with quilts, but also can not knock down the gas cylinder to avoid liquid Outflow. At the same time as soon as possible to move out of the gas cylinder scene. If the fire is heavy and difficult to control, fire the unit as soon as possible and quickly remove the objects that are likely to catch fire.

1, the complete combustion of gas to consume a lot of fresh air, so use must open the window ventilation.

2, Stoves must be placed to avoid the outlet, to prevent the use of fire was blown out by the fire. Do not place or suspend flammable objects around the stove.

3, the use of gas, it must be someone to take care to prevent food boiling overflowing Linfen fire.

4, the use of gas, in case of sudden supply interruption, the valve should be promptly closed, and gas contact, after the maintenance is completed, can continue to use.

5, gas is completed, remember to turn off all valves on gas appliances and other valves.

6, travel or long-term home is not right, should close all indoor gas appliances on the valve.

7, Hose should be regularly tested, such as the occurrence of hose cracks, dilapidated, hardened, soft, inflection, should immediately replace the new hose.

8. For users of pipeline gas users, if LPG pipeline or facilities need to be modified due to decoration, they must be approved by pipeline gas supply company and constructed by professional teams. Do not handle them by themselves to avoid danger.