How to choose liquefied petroleum gas cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

See if there is a manufacturing license. The state of the manufacture of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, the implementation of production license system. Consumers in the purchase of cylinders, depends on the cylinder or shroud, whether marked with manufacturing license number, filling gas name, product standard number, the actual weight, the actual volume, supervision and inspection mark or check the stamp mark to see if Product certification and quality certificate. In accordance with the provisions of each factory should have a cylinder of product certification, each batch of factory cylinders should have batch quality inspection certificate.

The appearance of the bottle. Carefully observe the cylinder coating is uniform, there should be no bubbles, flow marks, cracks and peeling and other defects. Whether the bottle has cracks, arc damage, heavy skin, welding parts are crack, stomata, slag, undercut or irregular mutation, bottle valve seat, bottle valve thread is damaged. In accordance with the "liquefied petroleum gas cylinders" national standards, the cylinder surface should be smooth, no cracks, heavy skin, slag and depth of ultra-0.5 mm pits and depth of more than 0.3 mm scratches, corrosion and other defects.

Three said cylinder filling capacity. Filling volume is to ensure the safe use of consumers an important content. SYP-15 cylinder bottle empty weight 17 kg, the error ± 0.5 kg; filling capacity of 15 kg, the error of ± 0.5 kg. Filling capacity can not be too much, not too little. If the actual filling amount is lower than the lower limit of the filling capacity, the consumer's rights and interests are damaged; the actual filling amount is higher than the filling capacity limit, it will pose a threat to the safety of consumers. So, consumers can not covet a small cheap picking overweight bottles.