Household use of liquefied gas safety

- Dec 22, 2017-

Household use of liquefied gas safety, we must pay attention to the following matters:

1, first open the gas valve ignition, so that fire and other gas, so that it is safe. First open the gas is not timely ignition, easily lead to shooting and other accidents (this is actually a small explosion). Flame dark blue, transparent is the normal burning, yellow and black flames are not fully burned, flames and whistling sound is insufficient gas supply, timely adjustment of the inlet and gas valves. The company is located in:

2, the use of liquefied gas tank, the tank can not be placed horizontally or upside down, so that when in use, the liquid flows directly into the pressure relief valve, out of the heat into a gas, the volume suddenly increased two hundred times, in case of fire Explosion or deflagration may occur. The company is located in:

3, it is forbidden to decorate the liquefied gas pipeline and the valve in the interior for the esthetic appearance when the home decoration is strictly prohibited. The company is located in:

4, should always check the liquefied gas tank valve is easy to use, pay attention to the relief valve is anti-buckle (counterclockwise). The use of liquefied gas pipeline, we should always check liquefied gas pipeline, valves, fittings hoses, cooker switches, etc. Are there any loosening, leakage, shedding and so on. Check the pipeline, the valve is forbidden to use open flame test leak, you can check the soapy water to see if there are bubbles. There are problems to be promptly replaced. Hose connector to connect the cooker to reconnect once a year.

5, the use of liquefied cooking porridge and boil water, should be taken care of, to prevent the overflow due to boiling soup flame out gas leak, resulting in a fire or explosion accident.

6, the use of liquefied gas, you can not save the gas to the switch to a minimum, because then liquefied gas may cause incomplete combustion, not only a waste of gas, but also produce more carbon monoxide gas indoors. A long time will lead to chronic accumulation of carbon monoxide poisoning, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

7, some people say that the whole family smoke hood above the electric nose, the timely detection of liquefied gas leak alarm, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, ordinary electric nose only in urban gas and other lighter gas environment, liquefied gas than the air to More than double, after the accumulation of air leaks on the ground, when the reaction of the nose, it is too late.

8. If you are suddenly awakened by the taste of liquefied gas during the night, then you can not turn on the lights, draw a match, make a lighter, use a flashlight, make a call, etc., as this may all cause an explosion of mixed gas that reaches the lower explosion limit. Should promptly open the doors and windows ventilation, and find the liquefied gas leak promptly disposed of; if the use of pipeline liquefied gas, the valve is not closed leaks, the neighbors should be informed of the rapid evacuation and find the total valve closed immediately notify the relevant departments for repair. The company is located in:

9, in the use of liquefied petroleum gas, if the valve after the occurrence of the phenomenon of spitting, do not panic, which is generally not dangerous, you must promptly close the angle valve, the fire extinguished. If the valve deformation can not be closed, do not use a wet towel to cover off the fire. The liquefied gas tank should be placed in a safe place to burn it up, this is the best approach. Otherwise, a large amount of liquefied gas leak out and mixed with air to form explosive gas is very dangerous. The company is located in:

10. Resident residential buildings with centralized gas supply for liquefied gas shall not be allowed to alter liquefied gas facilities at home without the aid of relevant departments. In particular, no alteration of valves, pipelines, gas gauges, etc. by other substitutes shall be allowed. The company is located in:

11, develop a complete use of liquefied gas, readily shut down the total valve of good habits. When leaving home, we must check and close the liquefied gas valve.