Gas pressure relief valve

- Nov 13, 2017-

Gas pressure relief valve

Gas valve is the use of control valve body opening and closing parts of the opening to regulate the flow of media to reduce the pressure of the media at the same time with the role of the pressure valve to adjust the opening and closing parts of the opening and closing valve to maintain a certain pressure Range, and in the valve body or after the injection of cooling water, the medium temperature decreases, this valve is called decompression valve.

Regulating range

It refers to the adjustable pressure relief valve output pressure range P2, within the scope of this requirement to achieve the required accuracy. Regulating the pressure range and the main spring stiffness.

Pressure characteristics

It refers to the flow rate g is set value, due to input pressure fluctuations caused by the output pressure fluctuations. The smaller the output pressure fluctuation, the better the characteristics of the pressure reducing valve. The output pressure must be lower than the input pressure - the setting will not substantially change with the input pressure.

Flow characteristics

It refers to the input pressure - timing, the output pressure changes with the output flow g of the holding capacity. When the flow rate g changes, the output pressure changes as small as possible. The lower the general output pressure, the smaller it fluctuates as the output flow changes.

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