Cylinder safety use basic common sense

- Dec 06, 2017-

Cylinder safety use basic common sense

Cylinder definition, component

Gas cylinders are: Rechargeable mobile pressure vessels with a nominal volume of not more than 1,000 liters for compressed gas (including permanent gas, liquefied gas and dissolved gas).

Cylinder is a bottle, bottle cap, bottle valve, shock rubber apron and other components; of which: bottle valve, bottle cap, shock rubber ring is the safety accessories of the cylinder, they are safe to use the cylinder plays a very important role .

Bottle cap: Bottle valve protection, its function is to avoid the cylinder during handling and use of the cylinder valve damage due to the collision, and even caused by the bottlenecks flying, cylinder explosion and other serious accidents. Fixed safety bottle cap in the use of the process is strictly forbidden to disassemble, itself has been designed to install the pressure reducer space (except removable bottle cap).

Bottle valve: is the main attachment of the cylinder, it is a device to control the gas in and out. Bottle valve is strictly prohibited oil, be sure to love the bottle on the valve to prevent filling or when connected with the pressure reducer tripping phenomenon, causing an accident.

Earthquake apron: refers to the rubber cylinder set on the cylinder, its main function is to make the cylinder from direct impact. Wear shockproof ring in the transport is not prone to throwing, sliding, rolling, collision and other savage loading and unloading methods, but also can play to protect the bottle paint color, or peel paint becomes rusty little attention will occur wrong and mixed Installed phenomenon, light affect the quality of filling gas, heavy gas cylinders lead to chemical explosion. With anti-vibration ring can also reduce bottle body wear and tear, to extend the life of the cylinder.