Cylinder color logo and storage method

- Dec 07, 2017-

Cylinder color logo and storage method

Cylinder color logo refers to the color of the outer surface of the cylinder, the words, color and color ring, its role is to identify the type of cylinder, the second is to prevent corrosion of the cylinder.

Cylinder storage

1, should be placed in a dedicated warehouse for storage, gas cylinders warehouse should comply with the "Building Code for Fire Protection," the relevant provisions;

2, no ditches, illegal channels, no open flames and other heat sources are strictly forbidden in the warehouse. The warehouse should be ventilated and dry to avoid direct sunlight and rainwater to get wet. Especially in the summer, there is more rainwater,

3, empty bottles and real bottles should be placed separately, and there are obvious signs, toxic gas cylinder and bottle gas conflict with each other can cause burning, explosion, toxic gas cylinders should be stored in separate rooms and set up in the vicinity of gas appliances or fire-fighting equipment ;

4, the cylinder should be placed neatly, wear a good bottle cap, stand should be properly fixed, horizontal head toward the same direction;

5, Containing polymerization reaction or decomposition reaction gas cylinder, the gas must be controlled according to the nature of the maximum temperature within the warehouse, the provisions of the shelf life, and should avoid the radiation source.

4. The safe use of gas cylinders

1, the purchase and use of manufacturing license of qualified products, do not use the unexpired cylinders;

2, the user should go to the unit has been filled for registration or distribution units registered gas purchase, bottled bottles should be filled by the registration unit commissioned management, the implementation of a fixed filling;

3, the cylinder should be used before the safety inspection, gas filled to confirm, do not meet the safety requirements of the cylinder is prohibited storage and use, must be used in strict accordance with the instructions for the use of gas cylinders;

4, the place of the cylinder, not near the heat source and open flame, cylinder body should ensure that dry, flammable, combustion gas cylinder and open flame distance is generally not less than 10m

5, when the cylinder stand, should take the anti-dumping measures.

6, summer should prevent exposure

7, no percussion, collision ;.

8, It is forbidden to carry out arc welding on gas cylinder

9, It is forbidden to heat the cylinder with heat source whose temperature is over 40 ℃.

10. The gas in the bottle shall not be used up, and the remaining pressure or weight shall be left. The residual pressure of the permanent gas cylinder shall not be less than 0.5MPa. The liquefied gas cylinder shall be left with not less than 0.5% -1.0% of the specified filling amount Remaining gas

11, in the possible cause of the backflow of the use of occasions, the use of equipment must be equipped with anti-backflow devices, such as check valve, check valve, buffer tank, etc .; gas cylinders in the field or other occasions, the cylinder should be placed Dedicated vehicles or erected on a flat ground with chains and other things will be fixed and secure, in order to avoid gas cylinder dumping accident caused by deflated;

12, if there is cylinder failure, such as: a serious valve leakage, valve failure and other failures, the valve should be hand wheel switch to the closed position, and then sent to the gas filling unit or professional gas cylinder inspection unit. Without professional training, do not understand the bottle valve structure and repair methods of personnel shall not be repaired;

13, It is strictly forbidden to change the stamp and color mark of the cylinder without authorization;

14, in order to avoid gas cylinders in the cylinder explosion, gas combustion, poisoning and other accidents. All bottled gas use units should be based on the nature of different gases and the relevant national norms and standards, the development of the use of bottled gas management system and safety practices;

15, the use of units should be dedicated bottle. It is strictly forbidden for users to change their colors without permission, and if they change the color mark of the cylinder surface and mix the gas to cause an accident, they must be investigated for the responsibility of the refiter.

16, When using oxygen or other oxidizing gases, do not contaminate the hands, gloves, pressure reducer, tools, etc. that come into contact with gas cylinders and bottle valves (especially outlet joints). Because fat and a certain pressure of compressed oxygen or strong oxidants can produce spontaneous combustion and explosion contact;

17, gas bottles easy to hold polymerization reaction shall not be placed in a place with radiation;

18, when opening the cylinder valve, the operator should pay special attention to slow, if you rush too fast, it may lead to dumping due to gas cylinders fall (lying on the take-off and landing) and combustible, combustion gas cylinders appear burning or even explosion accident;