Common problems and handling of cylinders

- Sep 21, 2017-

First, the main reason for the liquefied gas leak in the cylinder

1, pressure relief valve front end ring aging, cracking, damage or loss;

2, the valve and the cylinder valve is not tight, the valve valve outlet thread damage, or with the valve connection thread does not match;

3, filled with liquefied petroleum gas cylinders overdue inspection, damage, poor manufacturing quality;

4, pressure relief valve film aging, rupture;

5, gas hose aging, cracking or damage, and stove, pressure valve connection is not strong, not tight;

6, the stove on the control valve leakage;

7, illegal use or wrong operation;

8, gas with quality problems.

Second, the method of leakage of liquefied petroleum gas

1, smell - home liquefied gas eventually mixed with odor, leakage will have smell;

2, visual - liquefied petroleum gas leakage, will be in the air to form mist white smoke;

3, hearing - there will be "Sri Lanka" sound;

4, touch - hand close to the leak loopholes, there will be cool feeling;

5, with soap and water leak test, the bubble that is out of the air;

6, found that liquefied petroleum gas leak, notify the company professional maintenance personnel home inspection, maintenance.

Third, found that people poison treatment

Once found someone gas poisoning, remember that absolutely can not panic. Into the gas concentration of the accident scene, the rescue personnel should take personal protective measures, can be used wet cloth, wet towels and other cover their nose and mouth, reduce the inhalation; do not wear shoes with nails shoes, to prevent the collision caused by Mars.